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The Cathedral Barn

Tessa & Josh, June 2023

"it was always you."

Nothing could be more perfect than their love story. Tessa and Josh were high school sweethearts reunited later in life. The phrase, “it was always you” couldn’t be more fitting. Watching them share their joy and love with friends and family near and far was my absolute pleasure.

A beautiful kiss for a beautiful day.

Getting Ready at The Commons at Grand Traverse

The wedding party chose to prepare themselves at The Commons at Grand Traverse, a beautiful location in downtown Traverse City, showcasing the elegance and excitement of the day. (Fun fact, The Commons was previously the Traverse City State Hospital - an asylum that is allegedly haunted. Several wedding party members even experienced some odd activity while we were there.) As they readied themselves, I captured photos of the intimate wedding day details.

The Venue: The Cathedral Barn & Historic Barns Park

Arriving to the stunning Cathedral Barn & Historic Barns Park was nothing short of showstopping for both the ceremony and reception. The bride and groom's excitement was absolutely palpable.

The First Look

Some of my favorite moments to capture, the first look is a special, profound moment for all those involved.

First look with the bride and her father.

Tessa chose to do a first look with the groomsmen, which was a sweet moment.

The Ceremony

Tessa and Josh chose a close friend to officiate their ceremony, which made the whole event special and personal.

The Wedding Party!

This wedding party was an absolute blast to photograph - you couldn't have had a bad time if you tried!


Right before the reception, Tessa got a haircut! Often brides want their long wedding locks chopped - this bride said "why wait?!".

The Reception & First Dance

What a wonderful party to end the evening with!

The Vendors

Biggest thank you to the wonderful vendors for Tessa & Josh's wedding:

Tessa & Josh, thank you for letting me capture your special day!

Love, Alicia

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