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It’s hard to say. While each session includes a host of various luxuries, the end cost is determined by any products (albums, prints, etc.) you may want to purchase. Clients typically spend an average of $1200 - $1500, and the final price is determined after discussion of your needs and wants. There is a $900 minimum purchase required.


Payment plans are available and recommended – this way, everything is taken care of before your session, giving you more time to relax and enjoy the experience. A $300 booking fee is due to reserve your session, and after our consultation, a monthly payment plan can be set up. Payment may be made directly to me or through your Looking Glass Photography member page (coming soon).



During your 6 hour session, you’re treated to these luxuries:

  • Professional hair & makeup in studio

  • Champagne

  • Access to the freshly laundered and sanitized in-studio client wardrobe of opulent lingerie, negligees, robes, shoes, and more in sizes XS - 4X.

  • Expert posing, technique, and attention to detail

  • A 60-minute professional massage while your images are edited (based on availability)

  • Same day private reveal of your images!

  • Product, accessory, print purchase discussion

  • A digital image gallery of selected images (bear in mind that this gallery does NOT include printing rights. Boudoir images and products legally must be printed with specialty providers.)

  • A safe, all inclusive and non-judgmental environment

  • Your session is conducted in a private, all-female studio (unless otherwise discussed)



All you need is the skin you’re in, and a black or nude colored thong! Some clients choose to bring their own clothing/robes, etc., but it’s not necessary with the fantastic in-studio client wardrobe. Unless you have specific needs (disability, allergy, etc.) I take care of everything.



Yes. I personally edit all images in order to keep things private. Keep in mind, that my goal is to highlight the beauty you already possess. Bruises, scratches, blemishes will disappear, and if needed, maybe a small nip/tuck. But babe, you don’t need it – you’re hot!



Absolutely. Any images you see either on my site or social media are shared with express, written permission from my clients. Nothing will ever be shared without your consent. You, however, are free to share as much as you want once the images are passed on to you.



I suggest not doing anything out of your norm prior to your session. Shave if you’d like, and if you go tanning, go for it (PLEASE do not spray tan before your session). Your shoot is all about your beauty without drastically changing your appearance.



Sometimes it might feel more comfortable to have your bestie along, but in my experience, clients are less likely to open up and jump outside their comfort zone. Of course, the choice is yours! Please limit to two tagalongs, and keep in mind that they are not allowed to take photo or video during your entire session, and I ask that any guests are respectful of the shooting area and give us the space needed to capture your images.



Queen, YES. I will walk you through every pose, every outfit, and every image. Just because you see picture-perfect models on TV and in mainstream media does NOT mean that you can’t do this. Once you’re here and feeling comfortable, you’ll surprise yourself by how much you enjoy your session.

Before You Book:
  • You ARE beautiful the way you are

  • You DO deserve to feel good about yourself

  • You are WORTH this investment

  • This is a PRIVATE experience, and I am here to make you comfortable

Book Your Session

I am currently booking into 2023 for boudoir sessions. If you would like to book, contact me directly for availability. During our pre-booking consultation, I will provide payment options, product and add-on information, and an estimated total cost.


After booking, we'll discuss your session, take a glimpse into the client wardrobe, and disucss any product and/or print packages you may want to purchase. I'll give your final cost, and assist in setting up payment plans if you choose that route.


In the time leading up to your session, feel free to collect some inspiration photos! While some types of photos may not work in this situation (think fog machines and fairy wings), I'll do my best to help you capture the images you're looking for. If you have a specific theme in mind, let me know!


About a week before your session, connect with your inner goddess. Why are you doing this session? How do you envision the outcome? Maybe this is a wedding gift for your soon-to-be spouse, or an anniversary gift. Maybe you want to try something new. Whatever the reason you think you might have, know that deep down, this session is for YOU. For you to feel sexy, confident, and downright gorgeous.


The day before your session, make sure to drink plenty of water. Take a long, hot, relaxing shower and pamper yourself. Get out the good lotion, paint your nails, and get ready to feel sexy. Don't fret about going out of your way to look any different than your current lovely self!


Arrive at your scheduled time to the studio, and let me take over. Choose your outfits, have some bubbly, and relax. You're in good hands.

The Experience

Ready to unleash your inner goddess?

Don't be nervous! I'm here to make your experience comfortable and easy. If you're ready to book, click below to get started. Sessions disappear quickly so don't hesitate!

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