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MARCH 2023

Meet the Team

It takes a village. While Looking Glass Photography may be a one-woman business, I'm never without my team of creative, hilarious, and supportive women. These ladies give me the opportunity to grow and flourish in my business, and provide the love and encouragement I'd be lost without.

Meet Melinda

Miss March

I’ve wanted to schedule a session for quite awhile now, and I was ready to jump at the first opportunity I had. I mainly did this session for myself, knowing I need to do this for my own confidence. My husband isn’t too mad about it either, though! I loved getting all prettied up prior to taking photos – Kelly made me look absolutely gorgeous, and picking through the client closet was a blast. I was definitely nervous going into the studio, but Alicia and Kelly helped make me feel so relaxed. And by the time the session ended, I felt amazing, sexy, and confident.


Ready to get sexy?

Boost Your Ego with a Shoot!

Any session booked in March for anytime during 2023 will have their $300 booking fee credited towards the purchase of a collection.

The Forecast

What's in the cards for March?

You might be feeling "squinchy" this month, as I like to say. Relationships may feel uncertain or wonky, and old memories (both good and bad) will probably crop up more often than not as we progress through the month of March. Spread love all around - in your close relationships, and to others around you. Live in the present as often as possible, and really feel your connections this month - give them respect and room to grow - you'll feel pretty satisfied by the end of March!

6 The Lovers.jpg

The Lovers (Reversed)

Does it feel like your relationships are unfulfilling or uncertain? Maybe you're feeling less "in love" lately? Be wary of those feelings this month, as it may cause unneeded tension in your relationships. Make sure to honor the spirit of love in both action and intention. 

6 of cups.jpg

6 of Cups (Reversed)

You might be feeling all the nostalgia this month, and that's okay, but don't let those memories - happy and unhappy - get in your way. Set aside time each day for reflection, but make sure not to cloud your present with the past.

9 of cups.jpg

9 of Cups

This card is all about satisfaction! Use March to nourish your soul, and extend love and acceptance to those around you. Help others see their own worth, and spread joy wherever you can. Satisfy your soul with kindness.

Our Recs


Glow Through What You Go Through

Kelly's here to help!

Hey ladies! So this is my little spot to share makeup tips, tricks, product reviews, stories, and basically whatever I want! I’m not going to jump into all of that right away, but instead share a little bit about myself and how I ended up working for Alicia!


I have never been a girly girl, and probably never will be. I was actually hired as muscle in setting up the Midland Ulta years ago. I started with a Cover Girl compact and a tube of $5 mascara. I had just left a job and got the call for this temporary position. By the time we were done setting up the store, I was asked if I wanted to work at the Saginaw location. I started with planograms and inventory, unloading shipments and working the cash register. I got by on the minimum amount of makeup required. Then I started taking an interest and exploring the products, which triggered a downward spiral into the world of beauty. 


I started small, with homecoming makeup, looks on friends and family, and event makeup. I got into SFX makeup and gore. Then I moved up to weddings (which I no longer do). One day I participated in a Facebook promotion to win a free boudoir shoot with, you guessed it, Alicia! I came in with my hair and makeup already done. She asked if I did it myself, I told her I did, and the rest is history. I have been with her for 5+ years, 4 studios, and countless Mint Mochas from Biggby.


The time I have spent with Looking Glass has changed my view of the female body… and the view of my own body. There is so much beauty in imperfection, and so much strength behind our flaws. Every stretch mark, scar, tattoo; they tell a story about who we are. We are women. We are powerful. We are strong. Nothing can stand in our way.

Burning Questions


All you need is the skin you’re in, and a black or nude colored thong! Some clients choose to bring their own clothing/robes, etc., but it’s not necessary with the fantastic in-studio client wardrobe. Unless you have specific needs (disability, allergy, etc.) I take care of everything.


Yes. I personally edit all images in order to keep things private. Keep in mind, that my goal is to highlight the beauty you already possess. Bruises, scratches, blemishes will disappear, and if needed, maybe a small nip/tuck. But babe, you don’t need it – you’re hot!

The real you is the most beautiful you.
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