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April 2023

Meet the Team

It takes a village. While Looking Glass Photography may be a one-woman business, I'm never without my team of creative, hilarious, and supportive women. These ladies give me the opportunity to grow and flourish in my business, and provide the love and encouragement I'd be lost without.

Meet Jamie

Miss April

This session was 100% for me. I just turned 44, and feel like I’ve really come into my own with feeling my sex appeal, and I wanted to commemorate that feeling. I was SO nervous before the session that it took me a couple drinks and a very deep breath to walk out in that first outfit. Once we started, I was incredibly comfortable. Alicia and Kelly had me totally at ease - it felt like hanging out with a couple old friends being silly. Afterwards, I was excited to see the images. It’s hard to choose which part of the afternoon was my favorite, but I think getting ready - who doesn’t like to feel like a pampered princess?! If there was anything I would change, it would be my nerves - I would tell myself to relax, and elongate my neck more!


Ready to get sexy?


Book your session in April for 2023 and add on neon glow paint FREE! ($300 value!)

The Forecast

What's in the cards for April?

As spring rolls in, it's always a good idea to do some cleaning. From your attic to your toes, and even your finances! If you haven't gone over your budget lately, our friend 7 of Pentacles says it's time for a reality check. However, April will also be a month filled with inspiration and creativity - so if you've got a project you've been putting off now's the time to finish it! the 7 of cups will see a positive outcome. Much like the weather, April will be an up and down month - the 3 of Swords tells us there may be sadness this month and to express that sadness for the good of our souls.

7 Pentacles.jpg

7 of Pentacles (Reversed)

You might want to take a double check of your finances this month. A reversed 7 of Pentacles shows that you may need a reality check. How much are you spending? Can you really afford that new dress? Consider your future finances - what may feel good now might not be feeling so hot come summer.

7 Cups.jpg

7 of Cups

Time to get creative! Look for inspiration every day this month, and try doing something crafty. In the meantime, make sure to keep an eye out for temptations - maybe refer back to that reality check from the 7 of Pentacles.

3 Swords.jpg

3 of Swords

While on the outside this card shows pain and sadness in store, it also gives us the relief of expressing that sadness. Whether you experience heartbreak or hurt, the 3 of Swords wants us to feel those emotions as a form of catharsis. Maybe even taking that inspiration from the 7 of Cups and creating something out of your pain.

Our Recs


Glow Through What You Go Through

Kelly's here to help!

Hey ladies! So my part of the newsletter is giving tips and tricks on makeup. How to make it look flawless and last! You can easily spend hundreds of dollars on the highest-end, most luxury products, but when you peel back those layers of primer, foundation, and concealer, what is left? Your skin. And how you take care of your skin is the most important part of a flawless makeup application. You don’t need to spend a fortune on skincare. In fact, there are many brands with quality products that come at a drugstore price. You just need to be willing to put in the work to research your skin type and what it needs. If you want a quick routine to kickstart your skincare game, here are your basics:

  • cleanser

  • eye cream

  • moisturizer

  • SPF


You will begin to notice a difference once incorporating these steps into your morning/nighttime routine. Having worked in a cosmetic store, the main reasons for the return of skincare products were incorrect application, and not seeing effects in a matter of days. Most skin treatments may take weeks or months to show results. Take it from someone who is still battling acne at 35 years old. Sometimes the issue may get worse before improving, as your skin needs to adjust and detoxify. When you reach the point of targeting a specific flaw in your complexion such as acne, fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, dryness, or discoloration, then it is time to add to your routine. The main tip I want you to take away is the order of application. This can make or break the outcome of your routine. Here is the exact order in which you should be applying your products:

  • cleanser

  • toner

  • serum

  • eye cream

  • spot treatments

  • moisturizer

  • retinol (night)

  • SPF (morning)


Make sure the products you are using are compatible with one another to avoid irritation. One of my favorite brands is called The Ordinary. They sell quality products at a drugstore price. I recommend reading the online description of each product, to find the perfect combination for your skins specific needs. Getting into a good routine does NOT need to break the bank. Just research your products and give them time to work their magic! You will start to notice how much smoother your makeup wears when you start taking care of your beautiful blank canvas!




Burning Questions


Absolutely. Any images you see either on my site or social media are shared with express, written permission from my clients. Nothing will ever be shared without your consent. You, however, are free to share as much as you want once the images are passed on to you.


I suggest not doing anything out of your norm prior to your session. Shave if you’d like, and if you go tanning, go for it (PLEASE do not spray tan before your session). Your shoot is all about your beauty without drastically changing your appearance.

The real you is the most beautiful you.
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